Incandescent Marine Lantern Application

Incandescent Marine Lantern
Incandescent Marine Lantern

Range : 3 – 10 NM at 0.74T
Ideal for : buoys, docks, piers, jetties, marinas.

Marine lantern is one of marine navigation type icluding for port used. The FA-249 Marine Lantern is a rugged, compact and lightweight signal lantern constructed to withstand the mechanical stresses of service on buoys; it includes a number of features designed to endure harsh marine elements while maintaining structural integrity and reducing the need for maintenance. Available in white, red, green and amber.

Features :

  • A 3‐piece lens mounting system engineered to eliminate lantern failures from cracked or broken components at the lantern hinge point.

  • Candlepower output of the acrylic lens exceeds that of larger conventional pressed glass lenses because acrylic has a higher color transmission factor and better optical characteristics.

  • Fittings in base for electrical connection.

  • 2 options for a tool‐less entry system: Stainless steel thumb screws, Stainless steel latches (The SS latch can be secured with a padlock to deter vandals).

  • Silicone rubber gasket for air‐tight seal.

  • Candelabra, pre‐focused, marine signal lamps mounted on a rotating mechanism (Flash changer) that automatically brings the next lamp into precise focal position when the operating lamp fails.

Optional Features :

  • External photocell, which limits lantern operation to hours of darkness only.

  • Cat optic insert designed to catch light lost in top of lantern and redirect it to horizontal plane, increasing horizontal candlepower by 5%.

  • TR-3 Power Supply with 120/240 VAC Input and 3 amp 12 Volt flashed output.

  • Uniflash® Series wireless synchronization system.

  • UHF/VHF radio for monitoring status of buoy lighting system or radio receiver for self-test actuation.

  • Battery Charger and Small standby battery.

  • Step-down transformer for AC/DC lamp changer in fixed burning applications.

• FM Approved.
• NI/I/2/CD/T2D.
• ATEX Conformity Certificate (ZONE 2).
• Certificate Number: Epsilon 05ATEX1407.
• Directive: ATEX Directive, 94/9/EC.
• Coding: II 3 G EEx nL IIB T3.

Height 470 mm (18.5”)
Weight 2.95 kg (6.5 lbs.)
Input Voltage 6, 12, and 24 VDC; 120/240 VAC
Power Consumption xxxxx
Avaliable Colours Clear, Red, Green, Amber
Quiescent Current xxxxx
Lens Type 155 mm 360° Acrylic Fresnel Lens
Vertical Divergence 4.0° ‐ 4.5° to 50%
Monitor and Control Optional
Synchronization Uniflash® Wireless, Cabling (Optional)
Lantern Housing Molded Lexan® Lens Ring and Base
Mounting (4) 16 mm (5/8”) Holes on a 200 mm (7 ⅞”) Bolt Circle, 90° Apart (3‐Hole Mounting Pattern Also Available)
Operating Temperature Component Dependent
Ingress Rating IP‐56


Lamp C-8 Filament FA-249 FA-249 with Catopic Insert
6V, 0.25 A 30 31.5
6V, 0.46 A 85 89
6V, 0.70 A 110 115
6V, 0.90 A 125 131
12V, 0.25A 64 67
12V, 0.55A 120 126
12V, 0.77A 180 189
12V, 1.15A 260 273
12V, 2.03A 402 422
12V, 3.05A 823 864
12V, 9.0A** 3770 3958
CC-8 Filament
12V, 0.5A 192 201
12V, 1.0A 512 537
12V, 2.0A 1050 1102
12V, 3.0A 1380 1450
Halogen Lamps
12V, 20W 939 990
12V, 35W 1410 1475
12V, 50W 1470 1540
12V, 75W 1890 1980
Incandescent Marine Lantern Drawing
Incandescent Marine Lantern Drawing

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