The SBS3620 Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzing Probe
The SBS3620 Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzing Probe

Stack gas oxygen analyzing

True Wet Measurement of Excess Oxygen

True Wet Measurement of Excess Oxygen
True Wet Measurement of Excess Oxygen

Control Combustion and Optimize Boiler Efficiency

The SBS3620 provides real-time data to help control the fuel-air ratio. The fuel-air ratio in the burner is crucial for optimizing the combustion and obtaining boiler efficiency. Insufficient oxygen supply leads to poor combustion, which means that unburned fuel escapes and energy is lost. Besides wasting fuel, incomplete combustion also generates more black smoke and soot. Too much excess oxygen absorbs heat, which also means that valuable energy is lost.</p.

Save Fuel and Detect Malfunctions

With a SBS3620 Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzer it is possible to save up to 3-5% of the fuel consumption. Even on smaller boilers, the SBS3620 achieves a pay-back time of a few months. In addition, controlling the combustion gives early alarms for detecting boiler malfunctions which keeps the boiler clean avoiding expensive boiler maintenance. By saving fuel you also spare the environment of emissions.

Easy On-stack Installation

The system is installed directly in the stack close to the boiler, which provides true wet oxygen measurements under actual flue gas conditions. This means that the sample is analyzed in situ without being passed through vulnerable sampling lines.

Robust Design for Diverse Applications

The design makes the SBS3620 very robust and well suited for the harsh marine environment with lots of vibrationsand heat, but it has also proven its durability in connection to special industrial applications with unusual combustion conditions.

It is a compact system consisting of an ejector probe with protective housing, a sampling board, and an umbilicalcord. The system uses a zirconia cell sensor that is one of the most rugged analyzing techniques, and it has proven its functionality in many different environments.

Low Maintenance – Easy Operation

Automatic simplified calibrations of the SBS3620 make the system easy to operate. At regular intervals (freely configurable), the analyzer calibrates itself using instrument air. The automatic back-flushings clean the head of the probe from loose soot and dust which assures minimum maintenance and crew disruption.

The simple and self-explanatory design of the SBS3620 makes it easy to check the functionality of the analyzer. Even if the zirconia cell needs to be replaced, this is done within minutes.

For Boiler Safety and Fuel Economy

Stand Alone or Panel Mounted Analyzers

The SBS3620 can be combined with the SBS36a or the SBS36p Oxygen Analyzers. The SBS36a is mounted directly on the board, whereas the SBS36p is build for panel mounting.

SBS36p O2 Analyzer

These analyzers provide various advantages such as interface via touch screen, compatibility with a new improved sensor, trend graph, data logging, galvanically separated and stronger analog signal, and optional pressure compensation.

MED Approval

The SBS36a/p is approved under the European Marine Equipment Directive, becoming the first system to be certified under the new MED heading A 1/3.54 for fixed oxygen analyzers. Since the end of July 2009, fixed oxygen analyzers must have MED approval on European flagged ships – this includes most EU flags and Norwegian flags.

Customized Solutions

We offer standard equipment but also customized solutions. So do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you find the best suitable solution for you and your company.

Specifications – SBS3620

Analyzer SBS36a SBS36p
Measurement range 0.0…21.0% O2 0.0…21.0% O2
Ambient temperature –15ºC to +55ºC 0ºC to +70ºC
Power supply 100…230 VAC /50…60 Hz 24 VDC
Power consumption 40 VA per analyzer 40 VA per analyzer
Digital display Touch screen 71 x 39 mm Touch screen 71 x 39 mm
Output signals Active 4…20 mA Active 4…20 mA
Alarm relays 2 relays, volt free, 24 V AC/DC, 5 A 2 relays, volt free, 24 V AC/DC, 5 A
Response time 90% of full scale in less than 45 sec. 90% of full scale in less than 45 sec.
Repeatability +/– 0.1% of the measurement range +/– 0.1% of the measurement range
Enclosure IP67 IP55 when panel mounted

Sampling Board with Connections

Analyzer SBS36a
Dimensions / weight 600 × 290 × 130 mm (H×W×D) / approx. 6 kg (without umbilical cord)
Test gas inlet Max. 2 bar – quick coupling for connection of OD 6 mm hose
Air supply inlet Max. 10 bar – 1/8” BSP connection
Air quality Instrument air quality according to ISO8573-1:2010 class 4.4.3 – consumption up to 5 l/min

Ejector Probe

Analyzer SBS36a
Sensor technology Zirconia type sensor
Sample temperature 0ºC to +500ºC
Calibration air flow Approx. 2 l/min
Ejector air flow at 1 bar Approx. 2 l/min ≈ Vacuum 80 mm H2O – adjustable if more suction is needed
Dimensions 285 × 180 × 475/600 mm (H×W×D) for stack diameteres of 120 to 2800 mm
Weight Approx. 6 kg (without umbilical cord)
Umbilical cord 3.0 m length in 28 mm nylon conduit

Optional Equipment

  • Remote display with alarm relays.
  • Visualization and data logging.
  • Extension kit for umbilical cord.
  • Specifications subject to changes without notice.

    Optional Equipment
    Optional Equipment



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