solar panel for yacht
solar panel for yacht

Solar Energy for Yachts

If you are interested in using a solar panel on your sailing or motor yacht, the following information will help you to decide what you need, where to buy it, and how to install it.

What solar energy can do for a yacht

1. Ensure that the batteries are charged and ready when you arrive at the yacht.
Perhaps you leave your yacht unattended for long periods of time? A yacht left on the mooring, in a marina or in winter storage will need some attention when used again. The last thing you need to find is that the batteries are flat or even dead. No power available to light the interior, run the pumps, ignite the cooker etc.. Perhaps the alarm system has failed due to lack of battery support?
Fitting a small solar panel will help keep the batteries charged up when the yacht is unused.

2. Remove the need for a mains connection.

Using a marina or other shore supply can be a significant expense and has several drawbacks :
● The cost will mount up over a period of time.
● You cannot always find a suitable connection, sometimes the adaptor needed is not in your spares box.
● The marina power supply is broken.

A well proportioned solar panel system will overcome these difficulties and give you the freedom to moor your yacht wherever you wish without the worry of failure.


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