Marine Fire Rated Pathways type 400 Two Gang Solid Plate Kit W/2 Pathway

Marine Fire Rated Pathways
Marine Fire Rated Pathways

For conditions where cable changes will be frequent and water pressure tightness is not a requirement, the EZ-Path® Marine Cable Pathway is the fastest and most reliable solution. The steel raceway contains a self-sealing system comprised of compressible foam pads installed to form an arch. As the cables pass through the device, the pads retract and allow them to pass while gently squeezing the bundle to provide a functional smoke and air seal. The firestopping system can never be compromised due to neglect or adding too much cable. If the cable fits, it is firestopped! EZ-Path Marine Cable Pathways provide 100% compliance 100% of the time. Device modules can be installed individually, or ganged to increase cable capacity. Accessory plates allow for easy mounting to bulkheads or decks.

Marine Fire Rated Pathways
Marine Fire Rated Pathways

Specifications :

  1. Description : 400 TWO GANG SOLID PLATE KIT W/ 2 PATHWAYS
  2. Item : STI-MDM400C.
  3. Weight : 6.7 kg, 14.9 lb

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