Marine Firestop Cable Coating
Marine Firestop Cable Coating

Marine Cable Coating

Latex-based coating designed to protect grouped electrical cables against the propagation of fire. When properly installed, this material will limit flame spread along cables and cable trays. STI Marine Cable Coating will adhere well to virtually all cable jacketing materials. Application of material is achieved using airless spray equipment or by brush. The high solids coating will provide exceptional coverage rates.

Marine Firestop Cable Coating
Marine Firestop Cable Coating


Size : 1155 in³, 19 L

Weight : 24.9 kg, 55 lb

Features :

  • Water-based.
  • Easy installation, cleanup and disposal. Endothermic fillers.
  • Absorb heat and release water. High solids formula.
  • No shrinkage! Sandable and paintable (when dry).
  • Safe – Low VOCs, no solvents, non-halogenated.
  • Excellent sealing properties along with high build capabilities.
  • Excellent smoke seal.




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