Estimating costs and preparing the bid for a new building in ship

I spent some time in the estimating departments of several Offshore Construction Companies, and although my remit was estimating piping fabrication and mechanical equipment installation and commissioning, I also did a little hull fabrication using welded plates.

Repairs are estimated on their description as supplied by the ship owners that will include the timescale relevant specifications and a set of drawings.

The following examination will include basic estimating techniques of the main components :

  1. The hull for ship new building and repair.
  2. The engine room for ship new building and repair.
  3. Piping and HVAC for ship new building and repair.
  4. Electrical equipment installation for ship.
  5. Main engine commissioning in ship.
  6. Labor man hour in ship fabrication.

The costs associated with producing structural and piping drawings from the client’s design drawings along with the cost to produce the final bid and dry-dock use/launching are an overall cost added to the construction costs.


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