Pressure Alarm System for Marine
Pressure Alarm System for Marine

Low Air Pressure Alarm System type Amron 8206-H Product for Marine

Amron 8206-H Low Air Pressure Alarm System – Trip Point 360 to 1450 PSI.

Description :

Amron International’s 8206-H Low Air Pressure Alarm System – Series H is designed for monitoring the output of an air compressor or air storage bank and alerts the tender or dive supervisor of a decrease in air pressure to the commercial diver. The Amron Low Pressure Alarm Monitors are self contained modular units, which when connected to an air pressure source, will sound an alarm when the air pressure decreases below the set point.

Both a visual and audio indication is provided. A two-color LED on the front panel indicates green when the air pressure is “normal” or above the set point, and changes to red when the air pressure drops below the pre-set pressure level. At the point at which the air pressure drops below the set point, an audio alarm with a pulsing tone of 2900 HZ, at a level of 90 dB (A) @ 2′ is also activated.

The 8206-H Low Air Pressure Alarm System – Series H is for air pressure alarm applications and is suitable for maximum systems service pressures of up to 4500 psi.

Pressure Alarm System for Marine
Pressure Alarm System for Marine

Specifications :

Pressure Alarm System for Marine
Pressure Alarm System for Marine
  • Power : 9 volt Alkaline Battery.
  • Approx Battery Life: 40 hours.
  • Male #4 JIC Input Connection.
  • Housing : Die cast aluminum, epoxy powder coated with black silk screened graphics.
  • Dimensions : 7.4 in. H x 4.7 in. W x 2.2 in. D.
  • Weight : 8206 : 2 lbs. 8 oz.
Order Information
(X) Range Code Trip Point Ranges Approx. Actuation Value Maximum Pressure (PSI) Alarm Set Pressure (PSI)
Min/psi Max/psi
A 2.5 12.8 .5 – 2.2 1000 TBD by Customer
B 5 31 1.0-4.0 1000 TBD by Customer
C 8.5 44 1.5-6.0 1000 TBD by Customer
D ‡ 22.5 112 2.5-13 1000 100
E 70 220 10-30 1000 200
F 110 440 20- 60 1000 TBD by Customer
G 190 450 60- 150 4500* TBD by Customer
H 360 1450 70- 250 4500* TBD by Customer
I 1450 3900 200- 500 4500* TBD by Customer
J** 3650 6700 350- 800 12000 TBD by Customer
K (Vacuum) 1 in. HG 28 in. HG 1-6 in. HG 30 TBD by Customer

* Max. Pressures to 7000 psi Remote Versions only.
** Available in Remote Version only.
‡ Standard range in stock – “D” – Factory set trip point 100 psi
TBD : To Be Determined by Customer

Note : Trip points are field adjustable.

Product FAQ’s

Ask a Question

  • How do I change the set point on my Low Pressure Alarm Monitor?

    To adjust the unit to a different set point pressure, remove the cover of the unit and locate the pressure switch. To change the set point, turn the adjustment sleeve clockwise to increase the set point. Turn counterclockwise to decrease the set point. Cycle the pressure and check the set point several times to verify correctness and accuracy of the set point.

    Pressure Alarm Monitor Models
    Pressure Alarm Monitor Models



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