Transitional Marine Firestop Collars

Transitional Marine Firestop Collars
Transitional Marine Firestop Collars

Factory-manufactured devices designed for use in A0-A60 and B0-B30 Class divisions to protect transitions between steel and plastic pipes in marine and offshore construction. The heavy gauge stainless steel shell is lined with a molded, intumescent insert and provided with a marine grade, mild steel flange for attachment to steel pipes.

Transitional Marine Firestop Collars
Transitional Marine Firestop Collars

Specification :

  1. Type : Transitional Marine Firestop Collar – 50mm Steel & Plastic pipe.
  2. Item : STI-MFC50T.
  3. Weight : 0.54 kg, 1.2 lb.
  4. Features : 
  • Heavy gauge, chromium rich 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Resistant to aging and weathering, no soluble or hygroscopic ingredients.
  • Rapid expansion High volume of char.
  • Provides sealing function to restrict the passage of fire, smoke, and hot gases at transitions from plastic pipes to steel pipes or scuppers.
  • Easily installable and retrofittable around existing pipe.
  • Quick and simple install .
  • Maintenance free Collars available for many common sizes.
  • Will not damage outside of pipe.
  • No sealant required.
  • No welding required.

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