Embarkation Ladder Application

Embarkation Ladder
Embarkation Ladder

The embarkation ladder application usually is used on a merchant vessels to embark survival crafts. Each wooden part must be hardwood that is free from knots, and each metal fastener must be made of a corrosion metal. Each side rope must be continuous from the top of the ladder to the bottom and must not be painted or otherwise coated or covered.

Aluminum Alloy Embarkation-Ladder
Aluminum Alloy Embarkation-Ladder


Type: Wood/Aluminum Alloy Embarkation Ladder
Material of Step : Aluminum Alloy, Rubber(The Last 4 Steps)
Alu-alloyStep Size : 525×115×28mm
Rubber Step Size : 525×115×28mm
Rope Material : Manila Rope or Hemp Rope
Rope Diameter : 22mm
Step Fixing Piece(Split Distance) : Wood or Plastic

Certificate : CCS and EC

Type : Aluminum Alloy Rope Ladder with GS Type Oval Step
Material of Step : Aluminum Alloy, Rubber(The Last 4 Steps)
Alu-alloyStep Size : 462×117mm
Rope Material : Manila Rope or Hemp Rope
Rope Diameter : 22mm

Approval Standard :

  1. Regulation 4, 11 & 34, Chapter III of SOLAS 1974, as Amended.
  2. Chapter I and VI of MSC.48(66) International Life-saving Appliance Code(LSA Code).
  3. ISO5489-2008 Ships and Marine Technology–Embarkation Ladder.
  4. CB/T428-1993, Embarkation Ladder.

Pilot Ladder For Marine

Pilot ladder for marine is one type of rope ladder, usually made by hard wood and used for embarking and disembarking pilots. It is a important tool for marine safety. With spreaders step(Preventer Step) and magnet, pilot ladder could work safety under kinds of sea conditions.

Pilot Ladder For Marine Regulations  :

The design and construction of the pilot ladder for marine is under new SOLAS amendment of ISO799-2004 and Panama 2009, replaced old SOLAS standard of IS0799-1986.

Pilot ladder for marine
Pilot ladder for marine

Pilot Ladder For Marine Parts

Pilot ladder for marine is made up of Rubber step(the last four steps), Wood step, Spreader(Preventer Step), Step fixing piece, rope.

Pilot Ladder Parts
Pilot Ladder Parts

Rope :

Ropes should be mold-resistant manila or heat-treated polyester rope with polypropylene core and should not be covered. Ropes shall be of a diameter which is no less than 57mm in circumference, and have a braking strength more than 24KN.

Steps :

The distance of inner edge of side ropes should be more than 400mm, the width of step is no less than 115mm, and thickness no less than 25mm. The steps should be non-slip, hard wood steps without knot and equally spaced at 330±20mm.

Rubber Step :

The bottom 4 steps may be made f resilient synthetic raw material or rubber if it is of sufficient strength and stiffness. Rubber steps should be of the same required dimensions as the wooden steps.

Spreader :

Spreader shall have the same specifications as normal steps, but length of spreader shall not be less than 1.8 meters.

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