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G3600 Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System—single board
G3600 Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System—single board

Highest Quality at Lowest Maintenance

The New SBS36 Oxygen Analyzer Family

SBS has with its SBS3500 Oxygen Analyzer convinced the marine market since 2003. Now the successor model, the new SBS36 Oxygen Analyzer Family, is taking over. These new analyzers provide extra advantages such as: touch screen, galvanically separated and stronger analog signal, compatibility with a new improved sensor, trend graph display, and data logging.

The SBS36 is approved under the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED), becoming the first system to be certified under the new heading A 1/3.54 for fixed oxygen analyzers. Since the end of July 2009, fixed oxygen analyzers have to have MED type approval on European flagged ships – this includes most EU flags plus Norway.

Cost-Effective and Flexible

Whether you require a simple and compact system such as the SBS3600 (see picture to the left) or whether you prefer the redundancy of the double board version SBS3601, SBS offers high quality, cost-effective systems in many variations.

The single board fulfills all requirements and tasks at minimum cost. The double board on the other hand, offers redundancy for uninterrupted operation. If one sensor or analyzer fails, just switch to the other within seconds.

Cost-Effective Redundancy with Double Board

SBS3601 Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System—double board
SBS3601 Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzing System—double board

Durable and User-Friendly Zirconia Sensor

The SBS36 Oxygen Analyzers provide accurate, real-time measurements based on a new type of zirconia cell suitable for the harsh and stressful marine environment. Zirconia sensors have long been established as industrial standard due to their cost-effectiveness and reliability. They are easily stored and have unlimited shelf-life.

Easy Configuration

The SBS36 Oxygen Analyzers are easily set up to work seamlessly together with the inert gas generator. The interface allows you to freely configure both the analog output signal as well as the alarm levels via the touch screen.

Optional Sample Flow Control

The SBS36 Oxygen Analyzers allow the integration of additional sensors for customizing the SBS3600 System to your needs. For example, it is possible to add a flow sensor to monitor the flow of the inert gas sample.

Panel Mounted Oxygen Analyzer

TBoth the SBS3600 single board and the SBS3601 double board can be combined with the SBS36p Oxygen Analyzer that is mounted into a panel. This is especially useful where an existing panel-mounted oxygen analyzer is replaced.

Specifications – SBS3600/SBS3601

SBS3600/SBS3601 Board Specifications

G3600 single boardH×W×D: 600 × 500 × 134 mm – Weight: approx. 12 kg without water and packaging
G3601 single boardH×W×D: 610 × 790 × 134 mm – Weight: approx. 20 kg without water and packaging
Sample qualityPressure: 0.05 to 1 bar – Flow: 2 to 8 l/min – Temperature: 0ºC to 70ºC
Sample manifold3 ports – 1/8” BSP connection
Zero test gasE.g. 2% O2 in N2 supplied by owner – max. 10 bar – Reduction station – 1/8” BSP connection
Span test gasInstrument air according to ISO 8573- – max. 10 bar – Reduction station incl. filter – 1/8” BSP connection
Filter retention95% of 1 μm particles

SBS36 Oxygen Analyzer + Sensor Specifications

Certificates & approvalsMED by DNV – DNV Type Approval – Lloyd’s Register Type Approval – Bureau Veritas Type Approval
Sensor technologyHeated zirconia type sensor
Measurement range0.0 … 21.0%
Repeatability+/– 0.1 % of the measurement range
Accuracy+/– 0.5 % of the measurement range
Response time90% of F.S. in less than 10 sec. at sample flow 2 l/min
Power supplySBS36a: 100…230 VAC / 50…60 Hz. SBS36d: 24 VDC. Consumption max. 40 VA
Output signal2 × 4…20 mA – range selectable. Default: A-out1: 0.0…25.0 % O2 / A-out2 not in use
Max. load600 Ω / 24 VDC
Alarm functionsO2 low or high – O2 high-high – System Fail
Alarm relays4 relays, volt free, 5A 24 VAC/VAC
InterfaceTouch screen 71 × 39 mm with trend graph display
Alarm logHistory and alarm logs on SD cards
Ambient temperature0ºC to 55ºC
LocationSafe area e.g. engine room
Analyzer casingAluminum casing IP67

Optional Equipment :

Extension board for additional analyzerAnalyzer as specified above, Dimension: H×W×D: 610 × 290 × 130 mm – Weight: Approx. 7 kg without packaging
Sample flow controlAdditional flow transmitter mounted on the board and integrated into the G36
Remote digital display22…250 VAC/DC with 2 configurable alarm relays – Ambient temp.: -20ºC to 60ºC – Panel cut-out: 44.5 × 91.5 mm
SBS36p instead of SBS36a/SBS36dPower: 24 VDC – Ambient Temperature 0ºC to 70ºC – Enclosure IP55 if panel mounted
Panel cut: 154 × 73 mm (W×H) – Front: 178 × 95 mm (W×H) – Depth: 71 mm + cables
other specifications as above
Other optional equipmentPre-filter for sample gas, signal amplifier, and signal amplifier for logarithmic output


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