Inmarsat C VMS
Inmarsat C VMS

Inmarsat C VMS

Accurate monitoring of vessel location


The JUE-95VM plays a leading role to assist in faster and more accurate monitoring of vessel location, integrating the latest advancements in technologies and packed into a small compact unit.

About VMS

Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) is primarily used in commercial fishing, allowing environmental and fisheries regulatory organizations to monitor, the position, time at a position, and course and speed of fishing vessels. VMS also helps to protect fisheries sustainability, by enabling the monitoring of fishing activity around borders and closures.

Compact solution

With the JUE-95VM Inmarsat C, VMS, JRC has developed a compact, mobile satellite communication system, to allow quick and easy worldwide tracking of a vessels’ precise location, utilizing two-way data messaging. Fisheries monitoring are usually costly and difficult. JRC’s formidable formula, a compact, affordable JUE-95VM system, integrating the latest technologies, makes monitoring of fishing activities cost-effective and highly accurate.


JRC’s mobile JUE-95VM terminal incorporates various self-diagnostic programmers to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting, reporting any possible problems it might suffer. The results are displayed on the data terminal. These functions will allow for easy maintenance and more reliability. In addition, automatic testing for performance verification and commissioning via the satellite channel is also available.

Inmarsat C VMS
Inmarsat C VMS

Flexible installation

The JUE-95VM system has the same cable management philosophy resembling all other Inmarsat products that JRC is offering, allowing for an easy installation as only a single coax cable is used between antenna and terminal. Both are very compact and can be easily installed on any size and type of commercial fishing vessel.


Inmarsat type approved v
Class of Inmarsat C MES Class 2
Model – terminal NTF-782VM
Model – antenna NAF-742VM (including pole mounting bracket)
Frequency TX 1626.5MHz – 1646.5MHz, RX 1530.0MHz – 1545.0MHz, GPS 1575.2 MHz ±1MHz
Channel spacing 5KHz
G/T -23.7dB/K minimum at 5º angle
E.I.R.P. +7 to +16dBW
Modulation TX and RX: 1200 symbols/sec, BPSK1
Data rate TX: 600bps, RX: 600bps
Antenna Type: helical, Pattern: hemisphere (non directional), Polarization: right hand circular
Power supply voltage DC 24V (+30% -20%)
Power consumption TX 75W, RX 25W (terminal and antenna)
Ambient condition Antenna: -35°C +55°C, Terminal: -15°C +55°C
Preservation temperature -40°C +80°C
Relative humidity -40°C +80°C
Icing Up to 25mm (antenna)
Precipitation 100mm/hour (antenna)
Wind Up to 100 knots
Vibration As specified by Inmarsat


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