Ship Repair Cost Analysis

Ship propeller
Ship propeller

Funding for a ship repair can generally be grouped as follows :

1. General Services

a. Up / down dock costs (docking / undocking).

b. Costs above the dock are calculated per day.

c. Tug boat services for docking / undocking vessels.

d. Provision of security guards while the ship is above the dock.

e. Ballast management services, rigging for docking vessels and ship in and out of the shipyard.

f. Preparation of ship shocks for docking.

2. Costs for repair / maintenance of underwater construction consist of :

a. Gastric ingestion of oyster droppings or attached marine plants. This fee is calculated per square meter of hull area.

b. Cleaning the stomach with sweep blast and sand blast. This fee is calculated per square meter of hull area.

c. Replacement of construction plates. This fee is calculated per kilogram of plate weight.

d. Examination of plate thickness by ultiasonic test. This fee is calculated based on the number of checkpoints.

e. Inspection and repair of steering, propeller, steering axle, propeller shaft, steering axle bearings and propeller shaft bearings.

f. Installation of zinc anode. This fee is calculated based on the amount of zinc anode installed.

3. Costs for repairs of main engines and electric motors

a. Main engine repair. This fee is calculated based on the size of the engine PK.

b. Electric motor repairs are based on kilowatts (KW) electric motors.

c. Other electricity installation costs. This fee is calculated based on the amount of current or electrical resistance.

d. Pipe installation costs and the system. The cost of 1ru is calculated based on the diameter and length of the pipe.

4. Maintenance and repair of deck parts

a. Plate replacement such as deck plate, hatch cover plate and others.

b. Maintenance and repairs to the derrick boom, lifeboats and windlass.

Ship Repair in Indonesia
Ship Repair in Indonesia

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