Marine coupler application
Marine coupler application

Marine coupler application

Branch Piping Couplers :

As a basic and compact design of the Pipe Distributor, Branch Piping Couplers is adopted to connect multiple flexible hoses to one single air supply source at the same time.

It can be classified into many types by different shapes, such as branch type (T type), star type (S type) and linear type (L type). So that, centralized pipeline can be set-up at any desired position. Suitable for pneumatic piping system for marine, offshore and many applications.

Technical Data :

MODELS 200T 200S 200L
Ref. IMPA CODE 351650 351651 351653
Type Branch Star Linear
Working Pressure (MPa) Maximum 1.0
Body Mounting Sockets (Outlets) 20SM x 2 20SM x 4 + 40SM x 1
Plug (Inlet) 20PM x 1 400PM x 1
Accessory Socket 20SH x 1 400SH x 1
Applicable Plug Types for above sockets :
1. 20 series: 20PH, 20PM, 20PF
2. 30 series: 30PH, 30PM, 30PF
3. 40 series: 40PH, 40PM, 40PF

Standard Packing : Each product in a polybag then several polybags in one standard export carton.

Ex. Works time : 1-10 days from existing stock. Or specifically depending on quantities, customer’s logo/marking/printing and other requirements.

Payment terms : To be negotiated per order amount and details.

We, as real manufacturer, also offer following services :

√ OEM / ODM, CKD / SKD, and development per customer’s sample or drawing or even just an idea.
√ Good quality, Customer-first policy, Flexible terms, very Competitive prices.
√ Experienced team for professional technical / commercial communications in fluent English.
√ Supplying of key consumables, maintaining parts and accessories for sold products.

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