Problem compressor excessive vibration and noise in marine


If the compressor is generating too much of noise and vibration, it can be because of the following reasons:

  1. Loose pulley, flywheel, belt, belt guard, cooler, clamps or accessories.
  2. Lack of oil in the crankcase.
  3. Piston hitting the valve plate i.e reduced bumping clearance.
  4. Compressor holding down bolts are loose.
  5. Compressor foundation chocks have worn out.

Abnormal noise from compressor

Causes :

  1. Compressor capacity too high during start-up.
  2. Oil pressure too low.
  3. Liquid refrigerant in suction line.
  4. Incorrect alignment of motor and compressor. Loose bolts in coupling.
  5. Worn or defective bearings.
  6. Too much oil circulating through the plant, resulting in too low oil level in compressor.
  7. Capacity regulation oscillating owing to failing oil pressure.

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