Autopilot, K-Bridge Autopilot
Autopilot, K-Bridge Autopilot

Autopilot, K-Bridge Autopilot

K-Bridge AP autopilot is an adaptive heading and track controller providing optimal steering behaviour under all weather and load conditions.



K-Bridge AP receives its orders from the autopilot control section of the K-Bridge display units and transmits steering commands to the steering system. The orders may be manual changes of wanted heading, turn radius or rate of turn or it may be orders originating from track control along a selected sailing route. Together with K-Bridge ECDIS and Conning display, K-Bridge AP forms a complete system for automatic track control. When used with a K-Bridge SINT – sensor interface and K-Bridge ST – steering system or K-Thrust thruster control system, the K-Bridge AP is installed with virtually no extra cabling.


  • Full adaptive control.
  • Precision and economy modes.
  • Rate of turn and turn radius modes. Adjustment of turn rate and radius during active turn.
  • Complies with IMO track control performance standards when combined with K-Bridge ECDIS and K-Bridge CONNING display or K-Bridge MULTI displays.
  • Operates with normal rudders and azimuth propulsion.
  • Bridge user interface as integral part of K-Bridge operator stations.
  • Autopilot software is hosted in K-Bridge SINT navigation sensor interface or K-Pos DP controller.
  • Interface to steering gear via LAN or by direct wiring.

    K-Bridge autopilot multifunctional heading wheel
    K-Bridge autopilot multifunctional heading wheel



The equipment is designed to conform to the following standards :

  • IMO Resolution A.342 (IX) as amended by MSC 64(&/) Annex 3.
  • IMO Resolution A.694(17).
  • IMO Resolution A.813(19).
  • EU MED.


The K-Bridge AP is approved in accordance with EU MED as an automatic heading control device and as a track controller. The approval includes the operator interface and the use of other K-Bridge components to accomplish automatic track control.

K-Bridge console operator panel (showing integrated autopilot controls)
K-Bridge console operator panel (showing integrated autopilot controls)

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