SKIPPER SD21 Speed over ground (SOG) Speed log with built in STW sensor

SKIPPER SD21 Speed over ground (SOG) screen
SKIPPER SD21 Speed over ground (SOG) screen

The SKIPPER SD21 is a Single Axis Doppler Speed Log and a Dual Axis SATLOG Combined. It is designed to meet the IMO resolution MSC334(90) that require two separate speed logs for vessels above 50 000 dwt.

The SKIPPER SD21 gives accurate navigation parameters, measured as they happen, and presented in a logical, user friendly way.

DL1 display for web
DL1 display for web

SKIPPER DL21 Display

  • IMO Wheelmarked with MED-B
  • Speed over ground (SOG) in three axis (Docking mode)
  • Doppler Speed through water (STW) in one axis
  • Sea Temperature readout from sensor
  • NMEA 0183 output
  • LAN output
  • GPS, Glonas (SOG) and Doppler speed log (STW)

SD21 Specification

Speed Log : SD21
Number of Axis : 3+1
Speed range longitudinal: +/- 99.9 knots from Satlog
+/- 50 knots from doppler speed log
Speed range transversal : +/- 99.9 from Satlog
N/A from doppler
Water track (from) : 2 meter
Temperature accuracy error : <1°C
Power Supply : AC : 115-230 V 50/60 Hz
DC : 20-32 V
Power Consumption : – Display 5W
– Elecronic unit 10W
Display : – 28×30 pixle alphanumeric LEDs (red) with dimming
– Multi – Panel PC 9″ touch display, resolution 800×480
Mounting dimensions display :
– Dot matrix display: 124×124 mm. Bracket or panel mounting
– Touch display: 224.5 mm wide x 140 mm high

– Antenna: 100 mm height, 180 mm width and 790 mm long
IP rating : Display : 2x
Antenna : 66
Accuracy : 0.2 knots or 2% whichever is greater
Weight : 1.2 kgs for Graphic display
1.8 kgs for dot matrix display for STW

3 kgs for antenna
4 kgs for electronic unit
Mounting options :
  • 60 mm Sea Valve for single bottom
  • 60 mm Sea Valve for double bottom
  • Steel Tank
  • Aluminium tank
  • 100 mm Sea Valve for single bottom
  • 100 mm Sea Valve for double bottom
  • Simrad NL-Log retrofit
  • Sagem/Safran retrofit
  • Naviknot SRD331 retrofit
  • PCSV60 retrofit
Speed alarms : High and low speed limits
Power failure
Sensor failure
Outputs : 4xNMEA 0183
2xLAN (IEC61192-450)
Inputs : 2xNMEA 0183 (IEC61192-1)
2xLAN (IEC61192-1)
NMEA Outputs:
  • Speed: VBW and VHW
  • Distance: VLW
  • Others: MTW (Temperature)
  • VTG: Actual course and speed relative to the ground
  • DDC: Dimming command output
  • GPS: Gyro and status
  • HDT: Actual vessel heading in degrees.
  • ROT: Rate of turn and direction of turn
  • THS: Actual vessel heading in degrees
  • GSA: Satellite DOP and active satellites
  • GSV: Number of satellites in view, satellite ID and evaluation
  • SNR: Position and time signals
Classification: IMO Wheelmarked


One full system consist of :

Displays needed :
SD21-SB Touch display
CD402CU-SC Dot Matrix display for STW
Needed: SL-SN300-SA Satlog GPS and Glonass antenna
One of the below sensors are needed:

Sensor Option
Sensor Option
DL1SG-SA for 60 mm Sea Valve
DL1ST-SA for Steel Tank
DL1STA-SA for Aluminium Tank
DL1SDB-SA for 100 mm Sea Valve
DL1SN-SA for Simrad NL-Log retrofit
DL1SS-SA for Sagem/Safran retrofit
DL1SV-SA for Naviknot SRD331 retrofit
DL1SX-SA for PCSV60 retrofit
Electronic Unit :
Bottom housings :

Bottom housings
Bottom housings
SB-60-SA Sea Valve for double bottom
DB-60-SA Sea Valve for single bottom
ETNSTCL Steel Tank
ETNALC Aluminium Tank


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