Oxygen detector for marine

Oxygen detectorGOA-7H/GOA-7H-S
Oxygen detectorGOA-7H/GOA-7H-S

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In order to prevent an oxygen depletion or toxicity accident, or an explosion of a flammable gas, on an oil tanker or a chemical tanker, for example, it is necessary to correctly measure the concentration of oxygen and also to measure the concentration of toxic gas or flammable gas. Gastec produces detector tube type gas measuring instruments, and also extension sampling tubes of 30 m which is the optimum length for downward-facing remote measurement in tanks, for example. In addition we have a wide range of compact and lightweight measuring instruments which have excellent operability.

GASTEC’s Oxygen detector can quickly and accurately measure oxygen concentrations at a variety of different work sites subject to host of complicated and varying factors.

*The GOA-7H-S comes with a 5 m sensor cord.

  • Small, compact and lightweight, only 110g
  • One-touch calibration to oxygen levels of 20.9%
  • Explosion proof
  • Low power consumption
Oxygen detector
Oxygen detector

*The products may not be sold depending on countries and regions.


Measurement range 0.0 – 25.0 % (enhanced range: 25.1 – 42.0 %)
Measurement principle Galvanic cell
Sampling method Diffusion
Indicating accuracy +/- 0.5%(O2)
Alarm threshold <18%
Display Digital LCD
Explosion proof Certified by Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
(Class Ex ia ⅡC T3 Ga / Certification No.TC22573)
Operating Temperature / Humidity range Temperature : -10 – 40 ℃
Relative humidity : 30 – 90 %RH
Power source One AAA alkaline battery provides about 4000 hours of operation
(when no alarm signal is emitted)
Dimensions 48(W) x 37(D) x 105(H) mm
Weight 110g

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