Vetus Bow Thruster 60kgf 3kW 4hp 24v

Vetus Thruster BOW6012D
Vetus Thruster BOW6012D

The Vetus Bow Thruster 60kgf 3kW 4hp 24v is suitable for Yachts and Powerboats up to 13 m (43 ft). Manufactured using the highest quality materials to give high power and long service life.

Thrusters can take the stress out of docking by giving you sideways control of the movement and position of the bow and the stern of your boat. They work by rotating a propeller in a submerged tunnel or a housing mounted athwartships and located near the bow and/or the stern. A control panel allows you to push the bow and/or stern sideways, to resist the force of a crosswind and cross-current, while you are manoeuvring in close quarters.

The Vetus 60Kgf unit designed to replace older Vetus 50Kgf units, having the same 185mm diameter tunnel.

Key benefits of a Vetus Bow Thruster are:

  1. High quality, high output 24v DC motor.
  2. Bronze streamlined lower leg
  3. Single 6 Blade propeller – specially designed with MARIN to give 9% more thrust – equal in both directions with less cavitation and less tunnel noise
  4. Flexible drive coupling – no shear pin
  5. Multi-Station control options with simple wiring
  6. World-Wide reputation.

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Vetus Thruster BOW6012D
Vetus Thruster BOW6012D

Vetus Bow Thruster 60kgf 3kW Technical Data

Model Details
Thrust : 60 Kgf
Power kW (hp) : 3 (4)
Reversible DC Motor : yes
Tunnel Internal Diameter : 185 mm
Weight (Excluding Tunnel) : 22 Kg
Power Details
Current Consumption : 140 Amps
Operating Time (max/hr) : 5 minutes
Main Fuse (‘Slow Blow’) : 0-8/25
Battery Cables (m/mm²) : 250


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