Portable mixer for marine


Electric version include a standard panel with ON/OFF button, 16A industrial plug which avoid local wiring, thermal motor protection switch with undervoltage trip, and emergency stop button. For portable mixer this safety device is mandatory.

Range is function of following parameters:

  1. Vessel type (200 or 1000 liters).
  2. Motor (electric or pneumatic).
  3. Application: blending standard, soft or viscous, dispersion.


  1. Non standard Cover for open tanks.
  2. Motor Integrated Inverter IP54 with display.
  3. ATEX certification (not for folding turbine).
  4. Other under request.

Version for 200 liters open drum:

  1. Two positions clamp.
  2. Pneumatic motor with silencer.
  3. Marine propeller.
  4. ATEX certified.

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