1200mm Diameter Fast Water Buoy (SL-B1200-FW)

1200mm Diameter Fast Water Buoy (SL-B1200-FW)

The Sealite SL-B1200-FW is a large 1200mm dia. navigation buoy designed for rivers, ports and harbours and estuaries with fast flowing water current of up to 8 knots.

Designed using a traditional navigation buoy shape above the water line and incorporating the shape of a boat hull on the bottom, the SLB1200-FW remains extremely stable and buoyant in fast and rough conditions. Its unique design incorporating an integrated bow and keel, allows the SL-B1200-FW to create lift as the water flows underneath it, enabling the buoy to rise and sit higher on the surface of the water creating more stability and allowing it to support a heavier payload.

1200mm Diameter Fast Water Buoy (SL-B1200-FW)

The single piece float section has a integrated 316-stainless steel tie -bar to provide exceptional strength and safe working load for lifting (one lifting eye) of 2300kgs.

The 1200mm buoy is rotationally moulded from UV-stabilised, virgin polyethylene to 9mm wall thickness to provide additional strength.

The fast water buoy comes in a range of IALA recommended configurations and colours for excellent visibility and is developed to support a variety of marine lanterns.

1200mm Diameter Fast Water Buoy (SL-B1200-FW) Application

The Sealite Advantage

  • Single piece float with a 316 -grade stainless steel tie-bar integrated to provide outstanding strength
  • Unique boat hull design suitable for fast flowing water currents up to 8 knots
  • 1200mm diameter shape for excellent visibility and stability
  • Complete unit – ready for immediate installation
  • High visibility red, green, white or yellow as per IALA recommendations
  • Rotationally moulded to 9mm wall thickness for added strength
  • Excellent buoyancy

Technical Specifications•*

General Characteristics
Available Colours Red, Green,   White, Yellow as per IALA Recommendations
Focal Plane Height (mm/inches) 1225 / 48
Total Float Volume (ltrs/US gallon) 615 / 162.5
Total Reserve Buoyancy (kgs/lbs) 473 / 1043
Operational Buoyancy (kgs/lbs) 78 / 172
Maximum Mooring Load (kgs/lbs) 78 / 172
Draft, Maximum (mm/inches) 402 / 15 53/64
Freeboard, Minimum (mm/inches) 300/ 11.8
Safe Working Load, 1pt (kg/lbs) 2300/ 5070
Physical Characteristics
Material Rotationally-moulded   UV-stabilised virgin polyethylene
Wall Thickness (mm/inches) 9 / 3/8
Ballast (kg/lbs) 55 / 121.3   (Internal)
Filling Closed-cell   polyurethane foam (float section)
Height (mm/inches) 1745 / 68
Width (mm/inches) 1200 / 471/4
Mass (kg/lbs) 142 / 313
Product Life Expectancy Up to 12   years ^
IALA Surface   colours compliant to IALA E-108
Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015
Intellectual Property
Trademarks SEALITE® is   a registered trademark of Sealite Pty Ltd
Warranty * 5 year
Lantern Options Sealite   SL-15, SL-60, SL-70, SL-75 lantern
Options Available • Custom   signage
Technical Illustrations

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