Class A AIS Transceiver Samyung

Class A AIS Transceiver Samyung


The Class A Automatic Identification System (AIS) Transceiver Samyung is a Very High Frequency (VHF) radio broadcasting system that transmits packets of data through the VHF Data Link (VDL) and enables AIS equipped vessels and coast-based stations to  exchange identification information and navigational data.

Vessels use AIS transponders to continually transmit their ID, position, course, speed and other data to all nearby vessels and coast-based stations. Such information can greatly assist in situational awareness and provide means to help in collision avoidance.

AIS equipment is standardized by ITU, IEC, IALA and IMO and is subject to approval by a certification body. The following AIS devices have been developed for variant applications

AIS Class A

In accordance with the Regulation 19 of Chapter 5 SOLAS-74 (with the amendments) installation of AIS Class A is required on all ships with a gross tonnage of 300 tons and more, engaged in international voyages, cargo ships of 500 tons gross tonnage and more, not engaged in international voyages, as well as passenger ships regardless of their size. Typically the transmitter output power is 12.5W.


 Static data: International Maritime Organization Number, MMSI, Call Sign and Ship’s name, Length and Width of the ship, Ship/Cargo Type, Location of the ship positioning system (ship’s bow, ship’s stern, left and right sides). Static data is transmitted every 6 minutes or when the data is changed or on request.

 Dynamic data: Correct indication and overall status of the ship position, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Ship’s Course, Ship’s Speed, Heading, Navigational Status, rate of turn, sensor. It is updated with intervals as shown in the following table according to the change of speed and direction.

 Voyage data: Ship’s Draught, Dangerous cargo, Destination and Estimated time of arrival, Route plan and the number of people on board. It is transmitted every 6 minutes or when the information is changed or on request.

 Safety related message: It shall be in accordance with the request of the message including voyage data or weather alert.

Class A AIS Transceiver Samyung Features

  • Compliant with IEC61993-2 Ed.2.0 / IEC61162-1 Ed.5.0 / IEC62288 Ed.2.0 / ITU-RM.1371-5 / ITU-RM.493-14 /ITU-RM.825-3 / IMO Resolution MSC.74(69) / IEC60945 Ed 4.0 / IEC61108-1 / IEC61108-2,  and the latest international regulations.
  • Isolated power supply voltage 11~36V (built in reverse prevention circuit).
  • Two additional RS-232 outputs (built in protection circuit).
  • Easy setting up at boot time and convenient keyboard.
  • Various target ship alignment method (MMSI, distance, bearing descending/ascending order).
  • Searching target ship with Ship name, MMSI.
  • Korean, Chinese, English, Russian menu option.
  • Day/Night time display mode.
  • Auto speed detection and checking of external sensor input.
  • Upgraded Self-diagnosis function / Internal fault diagnosis system for continuous diagnosis.
  • Easy software upgrade by using SD card(1G~16G available).
Class A AIS Transceiver Samyung
Class A AIS Transceiver Samyung
Class A AIS Transceiver Samyung
Class A AIS Transceiver Samyung



• AIS unit DC IN : 12V(RX:0.9A/TX:5.2A)/24V(RX:0.5A/TX:2.5A).

• AC/DC unit (SP-70AD); AC IN : 100~230VAC, 47~63 Hz; DC OUT : DC24V / 6.3A.


• TX/RX Frequency range : 156.025 ~ 162.025 MHz.

• Default Frequencies : AIS1 (CH 87B) = 161.975 MHz(F1D); AIS2 (CH 88B) = 162.025 MHz(F1D); DSC (CH70 fixed) = 156.52 M5Hz(G2B).

• Power output : 12.5W (41dBm±1.5dB / 8.91W~17.78W) or 1.0W (30dBm±1.5dB / 0.7W~1.41W).

• Antenna impedance : 50 ohms (SO-239).

• Sensitivity (AIS RX) : PER < 20% at -107 dBm.

• Sensitivity (DSC RX) : BER <10-4 at -107 dBm.


• LCD : 7 inch TFT color, 800 x 480.


• SENS1/2/3 : IEC61162-1/2 (input only).

• LONG/AUX/PILOT : IEC61162-1/2 (input & output).


• Antenna : GNSS-70 (PATCH ANTENNA / TNC / RG-58U / Gain : 17dB.

• Receiver : 72-channel u-blox engine / GPS / QZSS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo / WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS.


• Model name : SAN-150 (2dBi).

• Connector type : Standard female UHF.

• Frequency range : 156-162 MHz, VSWR < 1.5:1.

• Impedance : 50 ohm.

• Output range : 100W.



• Standards : IEC 60945 (EMC, Dry heat, humidity, low temperature, vibraotni , corrosion, compass safety distanc e,etc.).

• Antenna operation : -30°C to +70°C.

• Main body operation : -15°C to +55°C.

• Storing Temperature : -25°C to +75°C.

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